The Exchange

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Welcome to The Exchange
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Promoting the Exchange of Cultures, Ideas, and Skills

Challenging Both Cultures to Develop Morals and Values

Securing a Future which is Beneficial for Russia, the USA, and the World


Our Purpose

The Exchange is a not for profit organization that has been providinSeminar classg social and cultural exchange for over ten years between American and Russian cultures in Moscow. Through professional training seminars, camps, cultural events, and the involvement in compassion outreach, The English Exchange provides opportunities to exchange ideas, cultural insights, history, and future dreams through personal interaction. We believe professional, social, and cultural exchange eliminates fear and provides a foundation for future cooperation and friendship.


Our Point Of Focus

Moscow:  Moscow is the Cultural, Political, Social and Economic capital of Russia; a City with Global Influence.  It has replaced communism with a secular materialistic\neo-capatilistic approach to life.   Population officially is 12 million but unofficially that number could top 20 million.

The Contemporary Russian:  Under 45 years of age, they are well educated and seeking to use their experience, education, and skills to improve their opportunities in life.  They desire to connect with the historic "Russian Soul" but have marginalized religion and are not sure where to get spiritual direction.  They find their values through a the lens of materialism but in many ways feel there is something missing in the social fabric of Russian life which promotes the well-being of all.


Our Parable Principle

A man had an apple tree planted in his vineyard;  and he came looking for the fruit and found none.  So he said to the gardener... Cut it down!  The gardener replied, “Sir, let it alone for another season and I will dig around it and fertilize it.  If it bears fruit, well and good; but if not, you can cut it down.”



You can be part of the change The Exchange is bringing to Moscow by joining one of our short term teams and participate in either a professional training seminar or a camp.